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‘Rumen acidosis is the silent killer of our cows’. Rumen acidosis is hard to recognize for farmers, but will seriously weaken the cow. By the time you catch it (or not), the other trouble already started: mastitis, lameness, low fertility rates and so on. For prevention farmers need a good understanding of how the rumen functions and an excellent feeding program. A major issue is feed quality and luckily, most farmers have a good feed advisor for this. What the feed advisor often doesn’t tell the farmer is how management and housing effect feed intake. We cover this in the training Feeding Signals.

This webinar is 45 minutes long and gives you our 5 best tips on the subject.


  • Why Feeding Signals?
  • Our 5 best tips
  • Conclusion
  • Questions by viewers

video course Feeding Signals

This webinar was organized as an introduction to our video course 'Feeding Signals' and contains 5 tips from it. In the video course you find more information, tips, examples and a checklist for in your own barn. You can use this to check your own farm and to educate your staff. Vets and advisors can use it to check their clients' barns and to show parts of the videos as an example.

Should you decide to start with the webinar first, you'll get a € 50 discount on the video course. You never pay double.


  • 1. Webinar Feeding Signals for Farmers
  • 2. Webinar Feeding Signals for Advisors
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