Matthew Cooke Certified Master


Together with my wife we own Semex South Africa and I am in charge of National Sales Management as well as sales in the Western Cape (Cape Town) region.
I have a background in the wine industry in sales and marketing and since July 2015 I have stepped into the dairy cattle industry.
I believe that it is our responsibility as advisors to the caretakers of dairy cows that we prioritise cow comfort, health and longevity so we can have happy cows and happy, profitable farmers!
Semex South Africa is proud to have the first South African qualified CowSignals Master Trainer and I look forward to bringing the CowSignals message to our customers and colleagues throughout South Africa.

Areas of expertise

  • CowSignals® Certification
  • PeopleSignals® Advisor
  • PeopleSignals® Trainer
  • Feeding Signals
  • Dry to Fresh
  • Fertility Signals

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