Nico Vreeburg Certified Master


CowSignals Master Trainer
Vetvice Barn Design,
Dairy Management

Caring for one sick cow is as time consuming as caring for 40 healthy ones. So invest in facilities where the healthy cow stays healthy. Only then can we care for more animals per person in a cow friendly manner. A healthy herd makes for an enjoybale job as well as putting money in your pocket. It also leaves the farmer with more time for his family and social life.

Nico can also educate you as a CowSignals Master trainer.

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Areas of expertise

  • CowSignals® Certification
  • PeopleSignals® Advisor
  • PeopleSignals® Trainer
  • YoungStock Signals
  • HoofSignals®
  • Feeding Signals
  • Stress-free stockmanship
  • Dry to Fresh
  • Udder Signals
  • Fertility Signals
  • Building for the Cow
  • Robotic Milking

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