Jan Hulsen Certified Master


CowSignals Master Trainer,
Co-founder of Vetvice and CowSignals,
MSM, consultant, trainer,
autor, general manager

"If you understand it, you will also see it" (Johan Cruijff)
The best dairies are run by managers with a good understanding of how cows and people function. They are interested people, who can transform a vision into concrete choices, and stick to them. They understand how management processes work; they understand the success factors and are aware of the risks.

Jan Hulsen can also train you to become a CowSignals Master Trainer.

Blogs by Jan Hulsen

Areas of expertise

  • CowSignals® Certification
  • PeopleSignals® Advisor
  • PeopleSignals® Trainer
  • YoungStock Signals
  • HoofSignals®
  • Feeding Signals
  • Stress-free stockmanship
  • Dry to Fresh
  • Udder Signals
  • Fertility Signals
  • Building for the Cow
  • Robotic Milking

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