Joep Driessen Certified Master


CowSignals Master Trainer
Director/Owner of the CowSignals Training Company
Co-founder of Vetvice and CowSignals,
Veterinarian and Cowmunicator

I love cows and I like farmers a lot! Let your cows live happily and twice as long! Listen to the cow, she's got know how! I want to see less sick, wounded and lame cows. I put all my energy, enthousiasm and power in making cows, farmers and advisors more happy! And together we work on a more sustainable world. So, dairy farmers, advisors and trainers from the world: keep up the good work and thank you for joining CowSignals.

Hope to see you soon,

Kind regards, Joep Driessen

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Areas of expertise

  • CowSignals® Certification
  • PeopleSignals® Advisor
  • PeopleSignals® Trainer
  • YoungStock Signals
  • HoofSignals®
  • Feeding Signals
  • Stress-free stockmanship
  • Dry to Fresh
  • Udder Signals
  • Fertility Signals
  • Building for the Cow
  • Robotic Milking

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