Renewing and paying? ... stop confusing me!

No need to. Renewing and paying are 2 easy, successive steps in the same proces. First you renew your subscription and then you can pay for it.

By renewing you:

  1. request for the next year (365 days) of full acces to your account
  2. automaticly create your invoice, wich you can pay later, by credit card or bank transfer

By paying you:

  1. will activate your full acces to you account for the next year and maintain your lincence

How can renew my yearly subscription?

  1. Just login on
  2. Click on the green button that says: 'Renew subscription' and you're done
  3. It this point, your invoice is created and waiting for your payment.

Where can I find this 'renew subscribtion' button?

Make sure you login first. If your yearly subscribtion and licence expired, you will see a purple text box that says: "subscription expired". If you see this, click on the green button that says "renew subscripion". The picture below shows you what to look for. Click it to enlarge.
Renewal page view.jpg

After doing this, you can proces your payment. Click here to see how this works >>

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