PeopleSignals: Communication training for farm consultants

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PeopleSignals: communication training for farm advisors

Ever find yourself in one of these situations?

  • There's a lot of competition in the sector and clients easily go to another company
  • You have great advice to help farmers improve, but they just don't seem to take your advice
  • You have the knowledge to help farmers prevent problems, but sometimes it is a challenge to translate it into practical advice

On the other hand we see advisors who reach different results:

  • They create sustainable relationships with their clients, keeping them on as a client even though a competitor might be cheaper
  • The give the farmers the feeling that they are a trustworthhy partner and can really motivate them to make changes
  • They have the ability to translate advice into very practical solutions that farmer can implement the same day

The only difference between the first advisor and the second is their ability to communicate. The good news is that everyone can learn to become a better communicator with the right training.

PeopleSignals is a communication training specifically aimed at farm advisors.


The aim of the PeopleSignals training is to help you become a better advisor with more impact.


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  • Understanding body language: reading all the people signals
  • Connecting with people
  • How to influence behaviour
  • Conversation techniques
  • Leading
  • PeopleSignals Action Model

For who

PeopleSignals training is suited for everyone who works as an advisor and/or trainer with farmers. We've trained veterinarians, feed advisors, barn designers, fertility experts, dairy processors, farmers and many others.

Training options


CowSignals Master trainer course

4-day training with 50% focus on CowSignals and 50% focus on PeopleSignals. After the training you will be certified as a CowSignals master, meaning you can do CowSignals trainings and advisories in your own country.
Costs: € 1950 per person
Dates & locations: see program
Language: Mostly English

Hire us for a day training our lecture

You can hire us for a lecture or a day training. You can contact us to go over the options.
Costs: € 1800 per day
Date & location: to decide together
Language: our trainers speak several languages and are used to working with translators.


Trainers with a lot of experience as a dairy consultant and thourough understanding of the sector.

The training programs on this website are accredited by

CKRD: Dutch accreditation for veterinarians
DairyPro: UK accreditation for farmers, workers and herd managers


"I learned to become a more effective advisor" Communication training for farm advisors Francis Cosgrave.PNG
I learned about CowSignals and about PeopleSignals. PeopleSignals helps me communicatie better with farmers, pay attention to body language and ask the right questions. It will make me a more effective advisor. I would recommend this, it's an excellent training with excellent facilities.

- Francis Cosgrave, veterinary consultant & CowSignals Master, Ireland

"It really helps you make what you say to farmers make a difference"Communication training for farm advisors Pauline Woehrle.jpg
The cow signals training was awesome. It helps you understand how to make your help truly valuable to farmers and not just another tip they'll never use. It really helps you make what you say to farmers make a difference.

-Pauline Woehrlé, certified Master (France)

"I can use PeopleSignals to get more interaction in my presentations"Communication training for farm advisors Floor van Dijk.PNG
I like the PeopleSignals just as much as the CowSignals. As a marketeer I see a lot of opportunities to combine the CowSignals knowledge with our labels.

- Floor van Dijk, marketing manager at Nedap and CowSignals Master, the Netherlands

"CowSignals taught me to solve problems in a professional way"Communication training for farm advisors Tamara Fretz.jpg
I still take it personal when other people treat animals in a bad way, but CowSignals learned me how to handle it better and to solve the problems in a professional way. Thank you!

-Tamara Fretz, Certified Master (Switzerland)

"I learned how to really look at cows and how to pass on that information. I am training other Vets, nutritionists and managers now."Communication training for farm advisors Martin Kavanagh.PNG
I am a Vet from Ireland and also a certified CowSignals Trainer. CowSignals teaches how to communicate what I know about cows, to others who need to know more about cows. People have lot's of information in their own heads and CowSignals helps to bring that out and make it useful as a trainer or adviser. It's good for them and good for the cows, a win-win situation. I use the CowSignals method to train other Vets, nutritionists and managers.

- Martin Kavanagh, veterinarian, animal health consultant and CowSignals Master, Ireland

"It helps people to understand the cow better and also understand people better"Communication training for farm advisors Gareth Gibson.jpg
Cow signals is a great course for all people involved in cows and farming. It helps people to understand the cow better and also understand people better.

Gareth Gibson, Certified Master (United Kingdom)

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CowSignals master training

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