• The free account is very usefull for farmers, advisers and trainers. You get a personalised CowSignals® training account right away. This offers you a free acces to the CowSignals® introduction video training. It is a perfect way to experience the quality of our video training. It gives you your first CowSignals® insights and a more concrete idea what we are all about. It's 100% free. Just sign up in 30 seconds. No credit card required.

  • To reset your password simply go here.

  • A Master trainer can be a coach for the colleagues and a trainer for farmers, an Advisor can give 1-to-1 CowSignals® advise to farmers.

  • We accept payment via credit card, paypal or bank transfer.

    CowSignals uses Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions to process your credit card payment. This is a very well established, secure, credit card payment gateway service.

  • As a company policy, we do not provide partial refunds for unused training modules (unless of course, a system malfunction on our part caused the problem). We reserve the right to shut down accounts at any time if we feel that you are abusing our system in any way. Please be sure to read and understand our terms of use.

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Telefoon +31 (0)487 745 041


Adres Hoekgraaf 17a A1
6617 AX, Bergharen
The Netherlands

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