Uw eigen CowSignals® training?

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Uw eigen CowSignals® training?

  • CowSignals® Training Center or your own location

It is a competative sector

Great farm advisors can build sustainable relationships with their clients. They can help farmers prolong the productive lifetime of their cows from 2,5 to 5 lactations and improve animal welfare a lot. By doing this, they can also help reduce methane exhaust in the dairy industry with 30%, creating a more sustainable world. As a CowSignals® Master trainer, your people can offer CowSignals® advisories and trainings to farmers, which gives you a fun new way to attract new clients as well as hold on to the old ones. With CowSignals®' positive image on animal welfare and sustainability, you can green up you own brand as well.

We can organize Technical training days on CowSignals® and 10 other subjects for your people and/or your clients. Technical Training days start with an interactive lecture in the morning and a practical workshop on farm in the afternoon.

More info on: CowSignals® Training/Lecture


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