Advisor course + Stressfree Stockmanship

  • Advisor course + Stressfee Stockmanship

    Wednesday 13 May 2020 van 8:30 tot 17:30
    Thursday 14 May 2020 van 8:30 tot 17:30
    Friday 15 May 2020 van 8:30 tot 17:30
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Live training

Advisor course + Stressfree Stockmanship

  • 3 dagen
  • CowSignals® Training Center, The Netherlands

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Become a successful CowSignals® Advisor. As a CowSignals® Advisor you will have an impact on farmers and therefore on the sustainable dairy chain. But also on your competitors, because you are always one step ahead!
And learn to think from the cow's point of view.

Minimum required participants is 7. If this number is not met, all payments to CowSignals® Training company will be reimbursed.


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