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We love for you to get involved in our social media community. First of all, because we think you have very valuable information and insights to share. Second, we want to show the world not only Joep Driessen is CowSignals, but that there’s an entire team working on educating the world. In this video, we explain how you get involved in our social media.

You can find more information on what kind of messages work really well ons social media in our social media manual. You can find it here and in our marketing toolbox.

Here you can find our social media channels:

  • Go to our Facebook page to leave a message there or mention @CowSignalsTrainingCompany in your own post.
  • On Twitter you can reach us by tagging us with @CowSignals or mention #cowsignals
  • To put a blog on our website, e-mail Please send in a video or photo and tell me:
    - What problem does your blog adress
    - What are the consequenses of this problem
    - What is your solution
    - Support this solution with evidence (sharing farm data, haveing a farmer backing you up or showing research)
  • On LinkedIn you can share an update on the CowSignals page or mention Joep Driessen in your own post

Set up your own social media channels

If you want to go a step further, it might be worth it to set up your own social media channels. You can use these to het involved with your own clients and have your trainers share updates here. Don't forget to ask us to like your page and mention us in updates, so we can share and like.
A company who did this succesfully is Purina in Canada. See for example their Facebook page and their tweets with #PurinaProActiv.

We want to keep improving our social media. Do you have any feedback or questions? Please send them to

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