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80% of all problems arise around the transition period. 80 percent! Problems like milk fever, ketosis and metritis are a direct results of shortcomings in dry cow management. This is cutting cow lives short. Why don't we take better care of our pregnant ladies?

Problems in the transition period are caused by two things: not enough eating and not enough resting. Most feed advisors, vets and hoof trimmers are doing exactly what there being asked: advising a quality ration, treating sick cows and trimming hoofs. Excellent advisors however can also advice on management and housing and help farmers break through tunnel vision and blind spots.

Dry to Fresh course is for advisors and farmers that want to make dry cow management an priority. Our training course starts with the drying-off day and ends 4 weeks after calving. We explain dry period management from a variety of angles. We approach it from the perspective of a manager of a large farm and we identify with the person who has to do the work. Most importantly, we put ourselves in the position of the cow: what does she need for a good start to lactation?


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