Advisor training

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Advisor training

  • 2 jours
  • CowSignals® Training Center, The Netherlands

Become a successful CowSignals® Advisor. As a CowSignals® Advisor you will have an impact on farmers and therefore on the sustainable dairy chain. But also on your competitors, because you are always one step ahead!

By using the CowSignals® concept in your daily work you will be able to keep more cows healthy by preventing diseases and breaking through tunnel visions. And if farmers have more healthy dairy cows, they achieve a higher efficiency and lower costs. And at least it will contribute to a better environment.

As a CowSignals® Advisor you will be licensed to give 1-to-1 CowSignals® advise to farmers, and are allowed to use CowSignals® Advisor logo in your signature, social media, or in your branding.

CowSignals® Training Company consists of CowSignals® Experts, which are all veterinarians. Our main drivers are health, welfare, and sustainability.

During the practical training you will learn to recognize all the cow signals, to identify problems, and to solve them. We combine all factors that are important for cow welfare in the daily work with dairy cattle; feed, water, light, air, rest, and space resulting in health. These come together in the CowSignals® Diamond.
CowSignals Diamond 2019.jpg

By using the CowSignals® Diamond we want to create a more sustainable dairy chain. With our proven methods cows live longer, have more lactations and a higher milk production. That’s how we support the health and welfare of cows and farmers.

The entire course will be in English. Approximately two weeks before the live training, you will getaccess to your personal learning journey in our online learning environment. During the live training we aim at small groups of 10 to 15 people. It will be an interactive course in a cozy setting, sharing ideas, and getting personal feedback. In this course we combine practical cow-based knowledge with 1-to-1 advisor skills.

By upgrading your skills with practical cow-based knowledge about health and well-being, you will be able to offer sustainable solutions for cows and dairy farmers. Within this interactive 2-days course including on farm workshop, you will become a CowSignals® Advisor and have a full year license for only € 1.275.

Brochure CowSignals® Advisor course


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