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Become a CowSignals® Licensed Company.

It’s a competitive sector

Operating in the dairy industry means you're in a competitive sector. Clients can choose to find another provider every day and seem to want more for less. It's hard to increase sales and personnel turnover might be higher than you want it to be. You are looking for a way to differentiate. The public pressure on animal welfare and sustainability is hard and although you genuinely care for the cows and the farmers, it is hard to create a green image.

There are however companies that stand out. They are able to maintain sustainable relationships with their clients and manage to increase their sales every year. Their people are motivated and better educated than the competition. They successfully brand themselves on animal welfare and sustainability. The key is not just telling people you are better, the key is being better.

What are you waiting for?

Get trained in CowSignals® and stand out yourself. Sales managers and farm advisors that are educated as a CowSignals® Master will be of indispensable added value for farmers:
1. They understand cows and the cow signals
2. They understand elements involved in animal welfare outside their own area of expertise: health, housing, management, feeding, breeding and economics
3. They have the ability to make things practical and simple
4. They understand people and can help them achieve real change

CowSignals® company license

The key is not saying you are better, but being better. That is why we developed the CowSignals® Company License.
We train employees with practical cow-based knowledge and solutions so they can build sustainable relationships with farmers.

Want to become a licensed company?

Contact us for more information on becoming a CowSignals® Licensed Company.

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Want to become a licensed company?

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