Economics and milking

‘The first practical economical guidebook for dairy farmers. With a low dry matter content.’

‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.’ The dairy farm’s economy is more important than ever. A successful dairy farmer is in control of his financial ratios and can make decisions and redirect his management accordingly. Economics & milking help you spot and interpret the economic signals of your farm and turn them into actions. You will get more insights and will develop into a better and smarter entrepreneur. The art of decision making is one of the most important aspects of economic management.
Economics & milking explains how to make decisions: Do I build a new barn? How do I get the maximum amount of dry matter content from my land? For which price can I buy feed? When should I sell a cow? Economics & milking shows in a practical way how you can optimise the economic management of your dairy farm. It teaches you the basic principles of economical thinking, acting and working on a dairy farm. With interesting questions and examples straight from the farm.

Economics & milking is part of the Cow Signals® series. These books present highly practical knowledge on animal-focused dairy farming in an accessible way.

Author: Jan Hulsen


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