CowSignals Indonesian edition

A special edition of Cow Signals, translated and adapeted for Indonesia.

Cows send out useful information every moment of the day.
You just need to know how to read the signals.’

Cows send out signals continuously about their health, well-being, nutrition and production. The challenge for the advisor, farm manager and dairy farmer is how to recognise these signals and use them.

Veterinarian and cow expert Jan Hulsen has written Cow Signals based on his knowledge and vast experience with farmers and their cows all over the world. His well-illustrated book is the ideal practical guide for improving your observation of the behaviour, posture and physical characteristics of cows, individually and in groups.
When observing cows it is important not to jump to conclusions immediately, but instead always to ask yourself three questions: What do I see? What is the cause? What does it mean? For example: rumen fill gives information about the feed intake today while belly fill tells you something about feed intake during the last week. And the condition score about the nutrition the last month. A cow that is standing a lot is a sign of mediocre lying comfort. Armed with information like this, you can act immediately to improve your cows performance and well-being.

To pick up your cows’ signals you need to put out your antennas – and use Cow Signals to tune them.

Author Jan Hulsen


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