The devil is in the detail

The devil is in the detail

The devil is in the detail...if you make life easy for the cow, she will make life easy for you. Have al ook at these great pictures by Austrian CowSignals® Master trainer Stefan Minichshofer.
What do you see? An example of an ideal stress-free calving line. Maximum access to food and rest, easy access to water, maximum ventilation: no walls, open on all sides. Easy access with your tractor to put straw in daily and take manure out every 6 weeks.
SFCL BHB 1-1.png

Give cows what they need. A stress-free calving line for at least 14 days before till 2-14 days after calving! Amazingly effective…No more sick cows.
SFCL BHB 2-1.png

What do you think? How do you ensure stress-free calving and maximum health for mother and calf? Share your wisdom with our community in the comments!

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