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Norwegian Cuddle Box video

Sent to us by our Norwegian CowSignals® Master Anja våg Skjold. Very nice setup for stress-free calving and cuddling!
The captions read something like:

Smart flexible calving with Marita and Ole Johan Staurland.
This solution gives the cow her space during calving. The goal is to have a stress-free calving area, to ensure a good start to the lactation.
By avoiding chasing the cow to the robot and separating her from the calf, we ensure good hormone production and we get more colostrum for the calf.
By not removing the calf, the cow is more easy to handle. When the calf is lying down, dry and safe, the cow can be fixated and milked. The cow will get lots of clean lukewarm water with electrolytes, to compensate for lost energy during calving, as well as ensuring early roughage intake.
The cow is fixated for milking. Good stimulation is important for hormone production, and therefore essential for the amount of colostrum she gives.

Do you have a cuddle box already?

If you don't; start working on one today! It's an easy investment that will pay for itself in no time, and there are many ways of making a cuddle box.
If you do; great job! Don't hesitate to share your results with us, more proof to show the world is always welcome :).

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