International CowSignals® Masters

These CowSignals® Masters completed a 4-day training course, combining the theory of CowSignals® and PeopleSignals® with practical barn workshops. Since last summer, they are licensed CowSignals® Masters who can teach and advise other dairy professionals in their region about keeping cows healthy and happy. Thanks to their enthusiasm and dedication, more cows will live longer healthier lives, giving more farmers a better income and more pleasure from their daily hard work.

This month, we will welcome a fresh group of future CowSignals® Masters in our training center in Bergharen, the Netherlands. We are looking forward to seeing the new faces join our mission! Do you want to be a CowSignals® Master as well? Read about the advantages in our brochure, and sign up for our next training.

Brochure CowSignals® Master course

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