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4 of 10 biggest dairy companies in the world use CowSignals®

4 of 10 biggest dairy companies in the world use CowSignals®

Last month, the IFCN Dairy Research Network posted the IFCN Top-10 List: Dairy Farming Companies Worldwide 2020. Together, these companies produced about 1.1% of the world’s milk output in 2018!

Looking at this list, we feel a touch of pride, because CowSignals® has had the opportunity to work with 4 of these 10 biggest dairy companies worldwide. Modern Dairy, EkoNiva, Huishan Dariy, and Yili Youran; they all use the CowSignals® method to improve continuously.
Early recognition of critical signals, AND knowing what to do to prevent disease makes all the difference, whether you run a small or a large farm.

If you want your staff to learn to see more and maximize cow health, longevity, and productivity, find out how our blended learning programs can help your company.

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