Partners of CowSignals®

CowSignals® is a proud author or keynote speaker for the following companies.

  • British Cattle
  • World Buiatrics Congress
  • Animal Welfare Symposium London
  • Cairns Australia Boerhinger Ingelheim Vet Meeting
  • Dairy Co England Training
  • Dairy NZ Tour
  • Wageningen University Teachers Training
  • University Tour Germany - Zoetis
  • University tour Germany - Berlin University
  • University tour Germany - Munich University
  • University tour Germany - Giessen University
  • University tour Germany - Leipzig University
  • University tour Germany - Hanover University
  • Canadian Dairy XPO
  • Alltech Beijing China dairy conference global 500 in Dublin and Kentucky
  • Vet and advisor meeting Upsala Sweden
  • We'll 2013 future of farming for Lely and ABN
  • We'll 2013 future of farming for Lely and ABN
  • Lely CowSignals Roadshow over the world
  • Happy cow project with Rabobank
  • Product development for cow comfort training DeLaval, Denmark, Hungary, Bristol UK
  • University of Minnesota CowSignals training
  • Landwirtshaftskammer Deutschland Trainung
  • University of Utrecht dairy vet students training
  • De Heus Animal Nutrition
  • Author for Progressive Dairyman
  • Boerderij Webblog
  • Author for Hoard's Dairyman
  • BouMatic Technical staff training
  • bovis

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