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I am Jan Hulsen and I am one of the founders of CowSignals®. I grew up on a dairy farm a long time ago, then I became a veterinarian and again after that I studied business administration and started working with Vetvice and CowSignals®.

At the moment I am professionally involved in advising, training and supporting dairy farmers, veterinarians and other advisors. This is all about practical matters to give dairy farms and dairy cattle an even better life. Such as structured systematic work, work organization and work efficiency. Hard word, just remember: working more effectively, easier, safer and more fun.

I am CowSignals® expert because dairy farming starts with doing your best to make the animals healthy, satisfied and productive. If the farmer is good for his cows, the cows are good for the farmer.

Fortunately, the cows continuously tell us what they think about their feeding, care and housing. You must of course see and understand this ...

And you learn that at a CowSignals® training: what cows need to be happy, healthy & productive. Providing such training is already a reward, because everyone always learns something that you can immediately apply in practice. I myself too. And part of the training is also to apply it, as a farmer, as an advisor or as a trainer.

In this way I contribute to animal health, welfare and sustainability. Because milk production and health are two very important building blocks of sustainability. And if a cow doesn't have a good life, she won't stay healthy for long and won't give the milk she can give.

I myself have experienced several times that people whom I suddenly meet and see again for a while after a training have developed very strongly and work with a lot of satisfaction with what they have picked up from training and books. That is always wonderful to experience.

In my training and advice I distinguish myself by my clear, structured approach and because I can summarize complex things very well in simple conclusions and messages. I also understand the underlying theory and science very well ...

In addition, I know how to involve all participants well, but all CowSignals® Experts are very successful, so I do not distinguish myself in that. Sometimes I think I'm funnier ...


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