Create your own certificates

Two options:

  1. Create the certificate in CowSignals Certification course
  2. Download a Word-format in PeopleSignals Trainer

1. Create your own certificates for your training participants

As a Trainer or Master Trainer you can easily make your own CowSignals certificates (Pdf files).
We have a free tool, you can use online. In this video Anouk shows you how it's done.

NB: You can only do this in the video course 'CowSignals Certification'

On the certificate you will find:

  • Your name as a trainer
  • Name of your company
  • Name of your participant
  • Certification date
  • Validity date (one year)
  • CowSignals logo
  • Name and description of course (selected by you)

2. Get the certificate as a Word-file

You can also find the certificate as a Word-file on our website. You need to login for this and access the PeopleSignals Trainer course:


This option is visable / available for trainers only!
For questions you can mail us at

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