CowSignals Certifications

How can I get certified?

We certify anybody who has succesfully completed any of our online training programms, except for our free training.
There are three Certifications you can get online:

To read more about CowSignals certifications, click here.

What is a CowSignals Master Trainer and how can I be one?

The only way to become a certified Master Trainer is by succesfully participating in a 4-day, face-to-face training. This can be done at training center in the Netherlands or at a location in your area. The training takes place in a small class, theory part in classroom and practical workshops on farm. You will also get access to the video learning courses for trainers. So called blended learning. This offers the most optimal circumstances for interacting, 100% focus en getting inspired together.

So what's the difference between an advisor, a trainer and a master trainer?

An advisor is only certified to do one-on-one advisories. A trainer and a master trainer can also do lectures and workshops for groups. The only difference between a trainer and a master trainer are the way they are educated. A trainer only did a video course, where a master trainer also did an intensive 4 day life training.

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