YoungStock Signals in Denmark

YoungStock Signals in Denmark

We visited this farm with CowSignals master trainer Carsten Houmann, Slagtekalve, Denmark. The farmers share great information with you.

1. Great tip: how do you make an unwilling calf drink?

On Facebook we already had several farmers confirming that this tip really works!

2. Get maximum growth for your youngstock

Here we see BeefSignals: 1300 gram growth, 400 kg at 10 months. This are bull calves, but it can also work for your heifers!


Young stock rearing costs around 3 cent per liter of milk on a well-run farm, as against 5 cent on a poorly run farm. To rear top-quality heifers cheaply and with minimum input of labour, you need to approach every stage of the process correctly. Work logically, carefully and cleverly.

You can contact Carsten for a workshop on YoungStock Signals in Denmark or join or open day training in Holland: Wednesday 15 June 2016

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