Youngstock in Dubai: keeping cows cool

Time flies when you're having's almost june! Time to gear up and prepare for the oncoming heat stress - you can't start early enough.
To give you some inspiration, take a look at Mohamed Abdula's methods: here in Dubai, keeping calves cool can be a real challenge. In June, the average temperature there is 33°C! And it doesn't stop there...during the summer the average temperature rises to averages of about 36°C. Even at night, it rarely drops below 26°C.
But good management, fresh bedding, and fresh air can do lots for cow comfort.

How hot does your country get during the summer months? And what do you do to prevent heat stress? Let us know in the comments or share your story with us via or on social media :). We love to hear clever solutions from our community!

Want to know more about raising youngstock? Our Youngstock Signals e-learning teaches you how to prevent common problems like the weaning dip and milk fever, so you can give your calves the best start.

Youngstock Signals

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