Winning tip: make a stress-free calving line

A stress-free calving line is a straw yard for the cows 3 weeks before till 3 weeks after calving in line, with a flexible, clean calving area in between with overall good ventilation and easy supervision and easy entry to the cows.

A stress-free calving line provides maximum comfort for high-risk animals. Easy calving, a lot less ruminal acidosis, endometritis, mastitis, milk fever and ketosis.

Here we see a great example, our new CowSignals trainers Sofia from Sweden and Bil from Ireland show you the highlights and improvement points. Click on their name if you want to contact them for advise or a workshop.

What experiences do you have with a stress-free calving line? Any extra tips?
Please share your thoughts below!

Read more about a stress-free calving line here>>

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