Why is this cow sitting like a dog?

In the barn we look for UNO's: unexplained notable observations. Like this cow, who is sitting like a dog. Why do you think she does this?

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When a cow want to stand up she has to put her weith on her front knees to be able to stretch her rear legs. This cow has painfully front legs or front claws and so she tries to raise without using them. So check to claw health of this cow and the other cows too.


Not enough head & lunge space . Perhaps because of straw stocked at the wrong place


this cows either have lameness in front leg or have bad experience with neck rail before during her standing or the improper position of neck rail and brisket board so she avoid this improper position during standing


Is there a dog waiting to be milked? It's more than likely ailians have switched the poor cows mind with a Labrador.

Nikos Timerlis

What about the size of her rumen. If is oversized, she is more comfortable in such position.

Piers Pepperell

Cows sitting like a dog can be related to low phosphorus levels in the blood. If it is not a rumen comfort issue as suggested above and she struggles to rise it may be worth bleeding her to check.

Pieter Talsma

rumen/digestion discomfort.

Joep Driessen

Thanks everyone, for your reactions! Great to hear what you think!

Most likely, the problem here is the high metal pipe , 40 cm above the bed surface. It is blocking the free head swing space. I Saw two cows doing this, before finally getting up...

Not easy to change, the best thing to do is to make 20 cm deep beds, than the barb is lower and less of a problem!


Most of the cows having this position have foreign body in stomac.

Paweł Knap

The most likely it is inadequate lunge space but one should also examine her in case of traumatic reticuloperitonitis or any reason of rumen discomfort as written above.

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