Why is this cow oozing saliva?

Who can give us 5 reasons? Looking at cows and UNO's - Unexplained Notable Observations - and thinking about the reason is the basis of the CowSignals Concept. Step 3 is do something about it!

Look - Think - Act

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Bashkim P Pllana

1. Lubrication and taste
- facilitates mastication and swallowing of the bolus
2. Enzymatic activity
- contains lipases or pregastric esterases that preferentially hydrolyze shortchain
fatty acids from triglycerides
- functional only in suckling calves
3. Source of nutrients for ruminal microorganisms
- mucoprotein and urea serve as N source
- electrolytes, particularly sodium are growth factors for ruminal bacteria
4. Influence nutrient removal rate from the rumen
- important contributor to the fluidity of ruminal contents
5. Buffering capacity
- major function of saliva
- biocarbonate and phosphate buffers
6. Antifoaming agent
- mucin is an effective antifoaming agent
- role in bloat
7. Source of antibodies
- conveys antibodies to the rumen
- significance is not known

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