Why do cows leave one space open?

Why do cows leave one space open?

Why do they leave the spot next to them open? What do you think?
Please share your thoughts!

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To have more air movement near by; to cool themselves?

Joep Driessen

Cows like 122-125 cm wide beds.. here it is only 115 cm. Every cows sticks one leg in the next bed..


Less heat; overall more comfort by avoiding stress. It is exactly what they do on pasture.


The stalls are too narrow, they don't want to be sitting with another cow's leg in the way.


Cows just like space. But cubicles width 110cm will perform just as well.


Cows in the good old mushroom cubicle on 110cm:

Marcos Giménez Zapiola

Lack of space. The three cows lying there seem to be dominant, and probably the less dominant cows will no risk to face their reaction if they try to lie in between them.


might be due to poor ventilation and comfortable space or less no of cows are present in herd. or might be due to wet bedding.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone! Really interesting ideas :)

Like said before, my main idea is that they would need more space (note one leg is sticking out!). Cubicles here are 115 cm, cows like 122-125 cm wide beds.

Keep other suggestions coming though! Together we know more.

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