Why are these calves playing hide and seek?

Why are these calves playing hide and seek?

Who know why these calves are playing hide and seek? Please share your thoughts below!

Karen is CowSignals master trainer and calf rearer.
We'll post her answer later!

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Christof Scholtissek

In nature young animals in a herd need the protection of adult herd members or would hide in brush from potential predators. I would think that these calves are scared and that's why they are hiding. Karen, are you scary?

Christoph Peter

Der Raum ist sehr hoch. Die Wand aus Beton. Vielleicht ist es kalt im Stall. Die Kälber suchen Schutz vor Kälte unter der Plane. Stoh ist genug da. Tipp: Betonwand isolieren. Auf 1,2m Höhe eine Platte waagrecht anbringen (Dach), damit keine kalte Luft auf die Kälber runterfällt. Liebe Grüsse, Kuhsignaletrainer www.christophpeter.ch

Michael Götz

The video seems too short for me to understand the animals.

Sonja Abraham

They just don't know which way to go!

Brian Dugdale

I'm guessing flies, although there doesn't seem to be many flies around in the video.
Is it cooler under the blue sheet? Are we looking at heat stress?

Vivien Dillon

They feel secure and safe, hidden from "predators".

Laura Weir

What is the noise in the background? Is it related to a mechanical ventilation system/fan? If so, is it creating a draft which the calves are trying to evade? Hence they are using the covers as shelter.
Or possibly a fly evasion strategy.


Seems like there are some Houseflies out there in the barn. Those young animals are try to protect themselves from invasion. However, animals want to feel themselves in safe. You need to keep calm and act them more kindly..


I see so much flies, it could be they hide because of the flies.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for the great responses everyone!

Karen actually thought it was the flies. There were a lot of them and one of the calves figured out they could hide from them. After that, they all started doing it.


Maybe calves playing.


I think they feel more secured and warmer within the canvas sheets.

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