Why are diseased claws more dirty?

Jeff Paulen, CowSignals trainer, farmer and breeder in Michigan noticed that diseased claws are often more dirty. His question to you is: why is this?
Also our French trainer and hoof trimmer Halbe Rosema told us about this phenomenom.

Is it that they cool their hoofs in manure? Any other ideas? Please share your thoughts!

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Jamie Sullivan

My opinion on the dirty infected claw is that most footbaths are not correct and cows can sidestep. I've seen cows step on a one inch ledge to prevent dipping their sore infected claw in the bath. Most cows don't mind walking through a bath if they don't have any claw lesions. The ones that have a lesion will do all they can to prevent dipping their sore claw into the solution.

Also if claw is really sore and weight is kept off foot when standing the air drys manure to claw. Then when they walk a new fresh layer manure is applied to dry layer and repeats the process adding layer on layer and is magnified if no footbath, improper footbath or frequency of footbath is not sufficient.

Joep Driessen

Thanks Jamie!

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