What is this pregnant heifer doing?

What is this pregnant heifer doing?

Have a look at this UNO: the pregnant waiting heifer in the background of the picture. What is she doing?

Is this barn they have top beds with sand, 132 centimeter width. There are 40 animals in 29 beds, with 72 cm feeding space per cow.

Update with our suggestion

It was amazing….. she was standing on a rim of straw with her hind claws….!!!! (mini rim of straw that was spilled under the fence from straw yard)
Due to overstocking and dead end track: heifers suffer the most. Too much standing: laminitis already before calving.. PAIN. NOT GOOD. Bad start..
Very common problem…. NEVER overstock your stress-free calving line (3 weeks before till 3 weeks after calving).
Also supply 85 cm feed space per animal…

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Dan Mosley

Hard to see, but does she have lice? She appears to be scratching her tail head..? White heifer has too much condition on her!

Dušan Kořínek

In my opinion, she stands apart from the others and afraid, is stressed. Waiting for others to depart from the gutter to be able need to feed.

Pieter Oosthuizen

Looks like see she is trying to get to the bedding material on the other side of the fence? maybe she is ready for calving down?

Frans Rops

You can't tell what the heifer is doing. On a picture like this it's hard to say what see is doing, you can only think, maybe she's doing this maybe something else.

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