What is the value of resting time?

What is the value of resting time?

One of our trainers had the following question: can you show the value of more resting time with some figures? Here are some research results that are interesting in this context.

Clear value of resting time
Rick Grant, Miner university has figures on the effect of resting time: every hour above 9 resting is 1 liter more milk! Have a look at this website.

Nedap (Dutch activity meters company) now has cow behaviour measuring integrated. Rest, feed, standing and walking time, and amount of stand ups. We are doing a research in Dry Cow Behaviour (Vetvice- Nedap research). We'll keep you informed!

How to achieve more resting time
- Dry cows in a deep bedded strawpack rest up to 15 hours, read more here.
- Also wide, 135cm, beds give the cow more resting time!
- Finally, one of our previous blogs about research from Nigel Cook is interesting in this context. He shows that sand bedding results in almost two more hours of lying time compared to matresses.

The far most important factor is the soft deep bedding!
Go for maximum resting times and your cows will live two more years!

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Mohammad Alkhateeb

The importance of resting time comes from the increased blood flow to the udder, the more blood flow the more milk synthesis will take place.

Richard Touret

I agree. The value of Deep Soft Beds is paramount!.
In some areas of Portugal where sand or sawdust are available and cheap i see a lot of happy cows.
Even in very old and badly designed buildings with small cubicles and front walls if theres a constant deep layer of material, the cows have less wounds and lameness.
Matresses can work but are very labour-consuming and in my opinion always need some material on top...
Go for Deep Soft Beds no matter what. It pays off.

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