What do you think of the drinking behavour of this cow?

This movie is made by one of our clients. We are observing drinking behaviour and see a lot of cows only scooping up a bit of water instead of drinking. We are going to measure water intake now.

What could be going on? We already figured the water trough could be a little high and we'll adjust this.

Do you have any suggestions? Please share them below!

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David Angevine

Besides waterer too high like you said
when was waterer cleaned out last .
Maybe need fans they are trying just to cool off

andrea accola

ich vermute, dass auf der tränkeanlage Kriechstrom fliesst. Wenn nicht alle Kühe so trinken, dann reagieren nicht alle kühe gleich stark auf Kriechstrom.

Philip Rember

The water is electrified...even if only very slightly. Ground the water line properly and this should stop. Could also be a chemical in the water but that's unlikely.

Annelise Hever

Check if the troughs are electrified, if they are also cubicals and feed fence my be concerned. Water quality for dairy cattle has to be of the same quality as for human consumption. Sufficent water consumption is the first prevention line against Acidosis because it is ph-neutral.

Ana Leigh Ruiz

I would agree with the comments above that stray voltage needs to be checked on this dairy.

Khuram Ihsan

not enough standing space behind the drinker so she has to drink from sides. water temperature might be a factor. quality of water especially salt in water.

Joep Driessen

Great comments all, thanks! Really appreciate everyone helping solve this one.

Silvija Dreijere

I have seen the same situation in farm in Latvia and it was electricity, very low, but electricity. Equipment for testing voltage shall be very sensitive

Jørn Erri

I have seen this behaviour more then 200 times in different countries some much worse some less. It is a result of changed enviroment in the cow, possibly in the rumen. It is caused by production of botulinum toxin which make a small lameness in the throat. The cow is not able to drink in a normal way. It is just a slight picture of what happens in acute botulism.
If you vaccinate the cows with Cl. botulinum vaccine you will see an improvement in the amount of water taken by the cow. I have used watermeters on farms with problem and found that consumption of water is going up 30 - 40 liter of water per cow per day.
Because water is the transport system for what is produced in the rumen by rumenmicrobes the cow so to say is starving and does not get enough of the very important stuff produced in the rumen. This microbial products are speciel produced for the ruminators.
This malnutrition makes room for all kind of diseases because of bad function of the immun system.


Water constitut 87 % from Original Fresh milk proced by cow and may factors play a role in water consumption like age , Dim , milk production , quality of TMR and THI and other factors

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