We proudly present: CowSignals - East Africa Edition

We proudly present: CowSignals - East Africa Edition

Dutch Minister of Agriculture mr. Martijn van Dam proudly presents CowSignals - East Africa Edition to the Secretary of Agriculture in Kenya mr. Willy Bett.

CowSignals - East Africa Edition was very recently published as an updated and adapted edition for East Africa.

This is the 35th translation/adapted edition of the CowSignals book. The whole content has been revised and adapted to East Africa. Close to 100 illustrations have been changed with illustrations showing East African examples.

In the process of making this book, author and CowSignals mentor Jan Hulsen has invested weeks in Kenya to better understand the local circumstances, issues and needs. He visited over 25 dairy farms, worked with more than 50 local extension officers, farmers and other professionals working in the Kenyan dairy industry. So again Jan Hulsen did his best, but would have never produced this well-received book without the co-operation and input from an enormous amount of dedicated dairy cow people. And very special thanks to SNV Kenya and the Embassy of the Netherlands!

Persons and organizations who are interested in this unique publication, are invited to contact: mr. Jelle Willemsen of Roodbont Publishers or mr. Peter Ngure of Olive Publishers.

CowSignals, SNV, Roodbont Publishers, Olive Publishers and Perfometer are working on another unique publication focussing on people that have little education and experience with keeping cows: CowSignals The Basics. We keep you informed, and feel free to contact the persons mentioned above on this topic too.

Comments (6)

Andreas Pelzer

Congatulation. Respect!!
Best regards. Andreas

Maureen Munjua

Jan, congratulations and i must say it make me proud to see an introduction i made in May 2013 between winnie mailu, anton janssen and cowsignals has borne this much fruit 3 years down the line. Shows the importance of creating these links between innovative Dutch companies to develop local and much needed expertise tailored for local context. Keep up the good work.

Han Tellegen

Great job Joep. Congratulations!


Good work that has been pioneered here. We now that the future of Kenya is Dairy and this resource comes at an opportune time

W.K. Brandsma

That translations has been a wish for years, good that it finally came through. Looking forward to have a look at a copy.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for the reactions everyone! Really good to hear all those positive comments :)

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