We go for two more lactations, everywhere!

We go for two more lactations, everywhere!

If more cows can live longer and happily, this has a huge impact on the cow’s life, farmers income and the carbon foot print of the dairy industry. After 15 years working between dairy cows in 50 countries, I see big opportunities for a better world. On the best 1% farms in the Netherlands the average cow completes 6 lactations, whilst the average dairy cow in the Netherlands reaches 3,4 lactations. And in most countries around the world the average is less than 2,5 lactations and that makes me feel bad and sad.
Too many dairy cows unnecessary suffer pain and get sick. 25 to 30% of the dairy cows are lame today. Many cows have wounds and get mastitis. There is too much stress, manure and concrete around the cow.
“ Intro to whitepaper: ‘Creating a more sustainable world by treating cows better’ by Joep Driessen.

We want to give cows 2 more lactations! Luckily, where not standing alone in this. Already over 300 people became a CowSignals master trainer and joined our mission to make the world a better place. Do you want to join us as well and give your cows two more lactations? Find a trainer in you area and ask for advice!

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