Want to make your life easy?

Want to make your life easy? 70-75 cm feed space per cow! Just do it!

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Designing shed at moment with 50cm per cubicle space. Would this not be adequate for dry cows, mainly jersey x and medium sized fresians.

Rafael Castillo

That´s ok for milking cows.
Dry , close up , fresh and hospital cows need 100 cms of feed space.
Queretaro, Mexico

Travis G

Does automated feeding negate the need for the same amount of bunk space?
Can you get away with less, feeding multiple times per day?

Pieter Theunissen

Ik denk dat Uw ideen prima zijn, verwacht dat deze boer na het zien van deze film wel actie gaat ondernemen, misschien is t wat om zo"n bedrijf door te lichten en een financieele berekening te maken met de koste van een/deze aanpassing en de te verwachten meer waarde (melk/levensduur/genot), zo dat iedereen inzichtelijk heeft wat de aanbevelingen opbrengen in euro" dat geeft een beeld bij de adviesen, zo kan iedereen voor zich zelf uitrekenen en conclusies trekken.


A.Kougioumtzis, DVM

It is known for years that feeding space should be over 70cm. Holsteins nowadays cannot fit in less space. That's the great prblem with three-rows barns, gannot get enough feeding table for all the cubicles you have. Of course all these are for milking cows, all the others (dry, lame etc) need more space, about 1 meter.

Neil Howie

Want an easy life (and cows), "make it easy to be a cow", and feed space is a key to that. We have experience of adding outside ,uncovered feed bunks ,even in our UK variable but generally damp Winters cows seem to enjoy being able to get out, and feed spoilage through being wetted by rain does not seem to be an issue. Single rail feed bars , if set correctly seem to be favourite over herringbone barriers, and although I can understand why people (owners and vets) like headlocks, wherever I have seen cows have a choice, the feed at the headlock part of the bunk is always last to be cleared up, ie ,cows do not like headlocks, and if we are trying to max ease, and intake, give them what they like. This is most important for close up and fresh cows, just where most people want to put headlocks.

Joep Driessen

Thanks for all your comments!
For Mr Theunissen: cost benefit calculation: kick out walls, put in 50cm wood:6 cm thick) and a neckrail 30 cm forard and 125 cm above cows feet, will cost 2 days work and 2000 euro

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