Vetvice Dairylogix barns are very succesfull!

Vetvice Dairylogix barns are very succesfull!

CowSignals trainers from Vetvice Barn Design and Jack Rodenburg from DairyLogix designed the Vetvice DairyLogix barn. This is a robot barn with often a stress-free calving line. The barns are open for maximum ventilation and light. There is plenty of space between the cubicles for the cows to move around. Every cow has a deep, soft bed (straw or sand) and a feeding space. All the things we preach in our trainings too. For us, it's very interesting to see how this effects cow welfare and labour effiency.

Three biggest successes

Student Tjeu Duifhuizen visited 10 companies that have built a Vetvice-DairyLogox barn in the past 2 years and compared the results from before with the results after building the new barn. The three most outstanding successes are:
1. Labour efficiency: 50 more cows are kept by the same number of employees.
2. Milk production: the production rises with 507 kg milk per cow, to the annual yield of 10.202 kg milk per cow.
3. Prolonging lifetime: the replacement rate is dropped from 29% to 19%.

Results before/after
Tabel 1

Sand is best

The two barns with sand in the boxes have results that are above average. These companies have the lowest replacement rates, the highest lifetime production and the lowest medication use.

A big congratulation to Vetvice Barn Design and Jack Rodenburg!

Optimize your barn

Do you want to (re)build your barn as well? Contact Nico Vreeburg from Vetvice Barn Design.

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