Veterinary continuing education

Veterinary continuing education

Vets constantly need to do continuing education. We give you three reasons why your next course should be CowSignals. Feed advisors, Fertility experts and barn designers feel free to tune in too.

Become a generalist

As a specialist, you're probably inclined to take courses that bring you even further into details or that tell you about the newest developments. That of course is important and we applaude everyone who invests in life long learning. However, we want to challenge to become a bit more of a generalist too. What if you also know the basics of feed, housing and management? They influence health and if you understand how they all interact on a basic level, there's a lot more that you can do for farmers and animals. We challenge you to all become Leonardo da Vinci!

Give simple and practical solutions

Research has learned us a lot about animal health. It does not however, always find its way to dairy farms. A missed opportunity! With CowSignals, we've translated everything science has to offer into a very simple concept. Combine this with the experience of the best farmers in the world and that offers some very practical solutions. The best part? There are a lot of small, cost effective changes that you can make, that have a big impact on health and milk production.

Be a people-person

Knowing about cows is one part of the job. Knowing about people is the other. A lot of things depend on how you interact with the farmer: Will you be asked back again when they have another sick animal? Will they take your advice or just nod and go on the same way the always do? Will they trust you with the challenges they face? Working with people is just as challenging as learning about cows. Luckily, there are a lot of trainings that can help you improve your peopleskills.

PeopleSignals: Communication training for farm consultants

The crux: change the way you see your role as vet

Of course, striving to become better at the three points mentioned above is a noble thing. But the crux is in changing the way you see your role as a vet. What if, instead of working on healing sick cows, you could stop cows from getting sick in the first place? Now I know this might radically change the way you look at your business, but we see more and more examples of vets who successfully add consultancy to their services. Seeing as I made the same step already over 20 years ago, I can testify that this is a very satisfying new role for vets ànd for farmers. After all, if I was a farmer, I'd much rather pay someone to prevent disease and increase my milk production over a longer period of time than to come over and over again to fix the same problems.

A few of the vets who joined the CowSignals master course:

"Now I have a much better understanding of this topic and I can contribute with useful and practical solutions to improve cow comfort and working pleasure for the farmer."Veterinary continuing education Dagne Overgoor.jpg
The CowSignals Certified Master course was very informative. Also as a vet, you do get a bit of tunnel vision. I didn't know much about barn design, so I didn't get into discussions about this much. Now I have a much better understanding of this topic and I can contribute with useful and practical solutions to improve cow comfort and working pleasure for the farmer. Looking better and differently at the cows and their signals and analyzing where the weaknesses are, is a valuable addition to my profession as a vet.

- Dagne Overgoor, vet and CowSignals Master, the Netherlands

"I learned how to really look at cows and how to pass on that information. I am training other Vets, nutritionists and managers now."
I am a Vet from Ireland and also a certified CowSignals Trainer. CowSignals teaches how to communicate what I know about cows, to others who need to know more about cows. People have lot's of information in their own heads and CowSignals helps to bring that out and make it useful as a trainer or adviser. It's good for them and good for the cows, a win-win situation. I use the CowSignals method to train other Vets, nutritionists and managers.

- Martin Kavanagh, veterinarian, animal health consultant and CowSignals Master, Ireland

"It has allowed me to "re-invent" myself and make myself more than just a "medicine guy"."Veterinary continuing education Hubert Karreman.PNG
I must admit that by taking the Cow Signals course and now seeing how it is helping people - even in the beginning steps that I am presenting it so far - it was the best thing I've done for my professional career in a long time.

It has allowed me to "re-invent" myself and make myself more than just a "medicine guy" (though I love those natural medicines!). The Cow Signals is real, practical stuff that is easy to convey to audiences.

- Hubert Karreman, veterinarian, co-owner CowMaster and CowSignals Master, United States

"I learned again how much cow signals you can read if you take the time to look critically"Veterinary continuing education Sanne Carp van Dijken.jpg
Now I knowingly go into the barn alone, before I do this with the farmer and their own vet. It's a very positive and enthusiastic training and I liked it a lot to discuss with people from other nationalities and perspectives.

- Sanne Carp- van Dijken, vet and CowSignals Master, the Netherlands

"I learned to become a more effective advisor"Communication training for farm advisors Francis Cosgrave.PNG
I learned about CowSignals and about PeopleSignals. PeopleSignals helps me communicatie better with farmers, pay attention to body language and ask the right questions. It will make me a more effective advisor. I would recommend this, it's an excellent training with excellent facilities.

- Francis Cosgrave, veterinary consultant & CowSignals Master, Ireland

"International participants and good spirit of all the group! "Veterinary continuing education Elisa Ferrari.jpg
Very good course. We learn how to use scientific evidences concerning ethology, animal welfare, economy and production, and how to use all these in the field. International participants and good spirit of all the group!

- Elisa Ferrari, vet and Certified Master, Italy

"I work as a dairy veterinarian and think such courses should be an essential part of the veterinary degree curriculum. "Veterinary continuing education Jim Kelleher.jpg

- Jim Kelleher, vet and Certified Master, Ireland

The training programs on this website are accredited by

CKRD accredits continuing education for Dutch veterinarians. They can earn 32 points for the Cowsignals master course and 8 points for our other day trainings.

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Prasad gopisetty

Cow signals training is good to learn good dairy cow management,feeding breedindetc.

Joep Driessen

Prasad gopisetty wrote:
Cow signals training is good to learn good dairy cow management,feeding breedindetc.

Thanks Prasad!

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