Very nice cow barn in the Netherlands.

Very nice cow barn in the Netherlands. Sand, air and space are major succesfactors! Please share youre thoughts on this one here, thanks!

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Amit Ben Hillel

Just 33kg of milk ? I would expect more...

Steffen Elmer

Very nice, the beds are nice and clean, and plenty of air great


How do you stop the rain getting in, Imagine could be difficult then


9 seconds in, you see a bar sticking out, why is that there? Looks a bit shiny, and as you always tell us Joep, "shiny metal bad, shiny cows good". Then at 30 seconds in on the far side there seems to be a lot of waiting cows, why?
Nice barn though.

malik Muhammad ali

I would comment sand bedding can be improved. If level of sand is at curb then Cow lay for 13.1 hour if 1 inch below curb then around 12.7 hours and if 3 inch below curb then 12.1 hours per day. So it matters.

Jeanette Fisher

Bet they have low rates of respiratory disease, with all that ventilation.
The camera panned around a bit too quickly to be able to tell where the feed bunk and water trough was; maybe the waiting cows Tom mentioned are standing near the water trough? Overall, there seemed to be a high percentage of cows lying down, which means the cows are contented.

Joep Driessen

Amit Ben Hillel wrote:
Just 33kg of milk ? I would expect more...

Hello, what are your thoughts about this: 33 liter with 3.65 protein and 4.5 fat (dutch avarage component) which is comparable with 40 liters of thin milk!

Joao Vaz

Very nice place for cows! Specially two details: the space between floor and roof wich allow air circulation; and bed sandy (low contamination, low hooves problems). Congratulations to the farmer. Hug Joep!

Gordon Platfoot

Here in Southland New Zealand we are having to seriously consider changing our winter feeding of cows; when they are dry, from kale/swedes / fodder Beet and fibre out in the elements to pads /housing and fibre. This is due to environmental issues of cows and soil and welfare issues of cows in mud for prolonged periods . All this as welfare groups are lobbying for pigs and chickens to be outdoors !! Each have their own unique issues . This barn does look promising with the sand bedding ( natural and low cost ) and natural open ventilation .
Would sand be abrasive on scrapers ?
would sand plus Effluent store/compost / spread ok ?
Rainfall and sand = hard or sloppy lieing area ?

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