Upcoming: Open Robotic Milking Training (Holland)

Upcoming: Open Robotic Milking Training (Holland)

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May 26-28, 2015


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CowSignals for robot milkers is a practical, interactive training course on cow behaviour and cow health on robotic milking farms. This 3 day training is the perfect mix between cowsignals, barn design, labour efficiency and management.


CowSignals Training center, Bergharen, the Netherlands.

Aim of training

We will help you to become a better advisor/ trainer. You will learn about good arguments and examples. You will get good ideas from us and the international participants in the group. How do you make sure that cows are keen to go to the robot? We focus particularly on space, hoof health and rumen fill. How can you make things easy for farmer
and cow?


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1495 Euro per person + tax 21% (tax paid abroad can be refunded, ask your accountant). This is excluding transport and hotel.


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(All prices are including preparation, lectures, nice lunches, workshops on farm, use of boots and coveralls, digital version of the English CowSignals powerpoint presentation with many good pictures, workshop checklist, trainers manual, CowSignals trainer certificate and logo, contract with the rights to use CowSignals name and materials for a year)

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