Unique perspective of drinking cow - by Richard Knight

Never seen before! Unique perspective of drinking cow. What do you see?- Movie made by Richard Knight, certified CowSignals Master trainer. So please share youre thoughts on this one, thanks!

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Peter Bone

Hi Richard, I would be very interested to understand why you took this video? Was it cow behaviour or concerns about water quality?

Claudiu Gabriel Teodorescu

I think it is the water quality. Turbid water and green algae.

Geert van Nieuwenhoven

Obviously this is cow testing the water, visually at first, then tasting with the tip of her tongue. Then when she finaly begins to drink she doesn't push trough drinking. Thereby she obviously had no other choice then drinking at this trough. Conclusions: the watersupply is not properly managed. the quality of the water is bad and nearest next watersupply is to far away.

Rule number one in watersupply, refresh dirty water immediatly in your rounds trough the stable, When you see is it fix it.


It could only be you Richard!! Lovely footage and sound.
You sure it isn't of you trying to retrieve your new waterproof camera phone after dropping it in the toilet?!

She doesn't seem very impressed with the water, for whatever reason - was that the impression from dry land too?


Besides dirty water I see a curious cow. It's like she noticed the camera...


why do you take this aeidio ?is it for fun?

Rafael Castillo

Good idea , bad quality of the video,
Claudiu , ¿ green algae ? , maybe pieces of grass , hay or silage.

Christine M. Røntved

Interesting - what a obvious way to "share" nasal discharge

Ludovic Cziszter

Poor water quality, or the temperature too low or too high. For sure she is very thirsty, because she decided to drink anyway. What is that sound? Even from the water is very hard. Probably the location of the water trough is improper, and the cow is not used with the noise.

Hans-Jörg Meier

Water is a mirror. The cow needs sunclasses or a better place for drinking water. The ligth is on the water verry nervous...

Greetings from switzerland

Joep Driessen

Hi, thanks for your reactions! I think this is normal drinking behaviour, first testing and then drinking. Richard says he sees stuf floating out of cows mouth.. Maybe risk in transmision of disease


I think the cow is testing the water for the possible crocodiles under the surface! This film reminds me off the nature movies with buffalo / koedoe dinking water in a pond...

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