Unique concept to load and select cows stress-free

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No matter how good you are at reading the animal, the animal will always be better at reading you - Bud Williams

The Bud box was designed by Bud Williams, probably the best cattle stockman ever. His insights in cow behaviour have inspired our training stress-free stockmanship. The Bud box is a great invention that helps you move cows safely and quietly.

There are a number of reasons why this system works so greatly. Who can name a few? Please share your thought below!

Stress-free stockmanship training
More on the Bud box and other inventive stockmanship techniques in our training Stress-free stockmanship.

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The bud box works because it is in line with how cattle think of their way.

Joep Driessen

Neny wrote:
The bud box works because it is in line with how cattle think of their way.


Alexandre Brassel

And it works too with sheep! I've tried it successfully!
Better than system by funnel. Animals follow the route without forcing them. It is the natural route to escape, always via sinuous routes, curved race (cf. Cattle handling facilities designed by Temple Grandin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA_DlRg9jhc ).

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