Two more lactations is possible! Join one of our training courses

Two more lactations is possible! Join one of our training courses

Together we can do a better job by giving cows a longer life with less disease. Do you want to know how? Sign up for one of our three open courses:

1. Designing dairy cow barns: the basics (4 days)
2. Open Master Trainer Course (4 days)
3. CowSignal à-la-carte (12 subjects available)

1. Designing dairy cow barns: the basics - December 07-10, 2015

The Vetvice Barn Design group designed a new barn for Anton Ijsseldijk, an excellent dairy farmer in Holland. With sand, great cow comfort and standard working procedures, he managed to get only one mastitis case out of 120 dairy cows in one year! The SCC is 70.00 cells/ml with a production of 11.000 kg per cow per lactation. As with all barns, Vetvice designed for labour efficiency, cow comfort and durable, expandable barns. Do you want to learn more about barn design? The Vetvice Barn Design Academy organizes a Vetvice Certified Barn Designer Course from 7-10 December 2015.

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2. Open Master Trainer Course - December 08-11, 2015
Aim of the training is to become a successful CowSignals® Master Trainer, a better advisor and a better presenter. Learning from the cows, the trainer, the farmers and eachother. Focus will be 50/50 on CowSignals and PeopleSignals. You will receive a ready to use package with checklist, trainer manual and power point CowSignals. You also will get the peoplesignals action model. We teach you to have more impact by asking better questions, open peoples’ eyes and minds and help farmers and advisors with practical ready to use knowledge and tips. We use humor and confrontation techniques, the Look Think Act principle, the CowSignals diamond, the PeopleSignals concept and a keep it simple approach. It will be an intensive course in a cozy setting, with a lot of interaction, sharing of ideas and personal feedback.

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3. CowSignals à-la-carte - June 13-25, 2016
We offer a two-week program with a different training every day. We offer twelve subjects from which you can pick à-la-carte: you choose the day(s) you’re interested in and select your own personalized program. We always have the right fit for you!

Day 1. CowSignals
Day 2. HoofSignals
Day 3. YoungStock Signals
Day 4. Dry to Fresh Signals
Day 5. Fertility Signals
Day 6. PeopleSignals

Day 7. Udder Signals
Day 8. Feeding Signals
Day 9. Stress-free Stockmanship
Day 10. Robot Milking Signals
Day 11. Building for the cow
Day 12. Barn Design

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Another inspiring example
Scotland farmer Bruce Mackie is doing a great job. He educated himself with CowSignals video courses and his herd manager Colin joined us for an open training in the Netherlands. Also, he had his brand new barn designed by the Vetvice Barn Design team. Here you see Bruce and designer Nico Vreeburg showing us the impressive result:

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