Tube ventilation: it works

Air: one of the six angles of the CowSignals® diamond.

Providing your cows with fresh air is vital for cow comfort and health. In this video, you can see how the cows clearly prefer to lie down underneath the ventilation system. But of course, there are many other measures you can take to keep it cool for your cows...
Do you have a barn as fresh as this one? What ventilation system do you use? Let us know in the comments!

Fresh air seeking behavior
If you have doubts about your barn, it's time to look for fresh air seeking behavior: your cows will let you know when they need more air!
You can learn to read this cow signal in our CowSignals® course. It's available as an in-company live training, and an e-learning module. Want to try before you buy? Sign up for a free account.


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Comments (2)

Peter Raundal

Tube ventilation seems to work very nicely. However focus in this barn should also be on the sunlight comming down throuhg the row of "windows" in the roof. I seems that there at intense sunlight, and then also potentially high temperature, at the head space in the stalls to the left. As the sun moves, the sunlight would also warm up the stalls for some hours. Rows of "windows" in the roof should no be placed along but across the length of the stall-rows.

Joep Driessen

Great observation, Peter! Thanks for your comment.

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