Training, ROI & no-risk investments

Training, ROI & no-risk investments

Sometimes I notice people hesitate with investing in training. They worry about getting return on investment (ROI), which is especially difficult to identify for trainings. It is hard to put a price on knowledge. I think this is a recognizable feeling for most people. It has to do with a fear of loosing something, without having a guarantee to get something else in return.

We want to do no-risk investments when it comes to training

Yes, choosing to invest in something is a tough decision. I recognize the feeling too. A little while ago I was considering to hire a business coach. As an entrepreneur there are a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of responsibility to take: you have to keep your business afloat and there are employees who depend on you. Being an entrepreneur also means you make most of the decisions alone and I wondered if a coach could help me with that. Would he be worth the investment?

There are no guarantees

The simple answer to this question that we all struggle with is: there are no guarantees. Nobody can tell you exactly what will happen after a training or a coaching. That’s not because the training isn’t any good, but because you are the most influential factor in the equation calculating return on investment.

In the end, it most depends on you. You are responsible for your own success.

You have to believe you can reach a goal and go for it. So the first question is: what is the goal you want to reach? If you are like us, maybe some of these will apply to you too:

  • You want to have a real impact on cow health and welfare
  • You like to help farmers get return on investment
  • You want to contribute to a more sustainable dairy sector
  • You want to have more impact as an advisor
  • You want great relationships with your clients
  • You want to be challenged in your job
  • You want to have working pleasure
  • You want to earn money as a farm advisor

Now think about how you are going to reach your goal. Think of a sportsman (or woman!) you really admire and the goals they set for themselves. No way they got where they are without a coach that helped them. And no way that a coach could have given them any guarantee beforehand on what they would achieve. But they invested in that coach anyway. Because they believed in themselves.

Invest in a training that gives you the skills and knowledge to reach your goals

Don’t believe advertisement, believe people.

I’m not saying 'invest in training or coaching recklessly'. But I’m saying don’t be afraid either. Believe in yourself! If you want to make a rational decision, here are a few things you can do:

Find social proof

Are there other people who did this training as well? Look at the testimonials if there are any. Do the reactions of former participants correspond with the things you find important as well? Maybe you even know someone who did the course and you can talk to them. Don’t believe advertisement, believe people.

What is the worst thing that could happen?

Sure, if you invest in a training and you get no financial benefit from it at all, that's a huge disappointment. But dare to ask yourself: how bad would that really be? If the worst happens, and you get no financial gain, what will you have gained anyway? At least there will be extra knowledge, more (life) experience and the satisfaction of not wondering ‘what would have been if I had done that?’.

What if the best thing happens?

People usually weight what can go wrong more than what can go right. Why should we do that? I don’t want to make decisions out of fear! So don’t forget to focus on what the benefits will be as well. What is the best-case scenario? Wouldn’t it be a waste to miss out on that?

What’s holding you back?

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”

When I finally decided to indeed hire a business coach, this was the most important question he kept asking me. Having attention for the underlying fears and assumptions really helped me to look at thing differently and gave me the confidence to make the decisions I had been postponing for a while then.

Looking back at that decision to go ahead with coaching, I’m very happy that in the end I decided to go for it. I might not see a financial return in investment just yet, that’s probably going to take some time. But if I look back at that first session, I remember there were five mayor issues that I was struggling with. Now, a year later, all issues have (almost) been resolved. Though there’s no price tag I can put on that, the piece of mind it gives me is priceless.

I wrote this article because I’m aware that investing in training can be a big step, especially in a training to become a certified CowSignals master trainer. Will you earn back your money with the workshops and/or trainings you do afterwards?

Looking at the CowSignals master course specifically, this is how you can get return on investment beyond organizing your own workshops/advice:

  • Getting inspired
  • Developing a new way to look at cows and health
  • Getting more communication tools for presentations, workshops and one-on-one advice
  • Meeting people from all over the world and learning from them
  • Great food and a cosy environment
  • Learning from the best Dutch farmers
  • Having a great tool to attract new clients and to keep your current clients happy with you

Just ask our former participants!

CowSignals master training


"I learned to become a more effective advisor" Communication training for farm advisors Francis Cosgrave.PNG
I learned about CowSignals and about PeopleSignals. PeopleSignals helps me communicatie better with farmers, pay attention to body language and ask the right questions. It will make me a more effective advisor. I would recommend this, it's an excellent training with excellent facilities.

- Francis Cosgrave, veterinary consultant & CowSignals Master, Ireland

"It really helps you make what you say to farmers make a difference"Communication training for farm advisors Pauline Woehrle.jpg
The cow signals training was awesome. It helps you understand how to make your help truly valuable to farmers and not just another tip they'll never use. It really helps you make what you say to farmers make a difference.

-Pauline Woehrlé, certified Master (France)

"I can use PeopleSignals to get more interaction in my presentations"Communication training for farm advisors Floor van Dijk.PNG
I like the PeopleSignals just as much as the CowSignals. As a marketeer I see a lot of opportunities to combine the CowSignals knowledge with our labels.

- Floor van Dijk, marketing manager at Nedap and CowSignals Master, the Netherlands

"CowSignals taught me to solve problems in a professional way"Communication training for farm advisors Tamara Fretz.jpg
I still take it personal when other people treat animals in a bad way, but CowSignals learned me how to handle it better and to solve the problems in a professional way. Thank you!

-Tamara Fretz, Certified Master (Switzerland)

"I learned how to really look at cows and how to pass on that information. I am training other Vets, nutritionists and managers now."Communication training for farm advisors Martin Kavanagh.PNG
I am a Vet from Ireland and also a certified CowSignals Trainer. CowSignals teaches how to communicate what I know about cows, to others who need to know more about cows. People have lot's of information in their own heads and CowSignals helps to bring that out and make it useful as a trainer or adviser. It's good for them and good for the cows, a win-win situation. I use the CowSignals method to train other Vets, nutritionists and managers.

- Martin Kavanagh, veterinarian, animal health consultant and CowSignals Master, Ireland

"It helps people to understand the cow better and also understand people better"Communication training for farm advisors Gareth Gibson.jpg
Cow signals is a great course for all people involved in cows and farming. It helps people to understand the cow better and also understand people better.

Gareth Gibson, Certified Master (United Kingdom)

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CowSignals master training

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