TJ McDoughal (Canada) - what's wrong here?

TJ McDoughal is CowSignals Master trainer in Canada. He was in Holland for Robot milking course.

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Halbe Rosema

It may be a specivic problem of this barn, but when i see cows with big lumps on the frontclaws for me it is a signal that their might be a problem on these frontclaws. I don't know why, may be they walk diffenrently. I wonder if the lumps are made of sand; did you see it? Many hooftrimmers don't like trimming the frontclaws; it takes too much time, and time is money. But don't forget that 60% of the weight of the cow is supported by the frontlegs.

Annelise Hever

Are you kidding? It's quite clear... Shitty alleys, scrapers not working frequently enough, liquid manure because of not enough effective fiber in the ration and/or water on the alleys. Therefore the material from the cubicles is glued to the afterclaws, forming lumps. Functional hooftrimming twice a year also on the front claws would be also a good idea.

Jim Van Patter

Not enough sand in the stalls, cows not indexed in free stalls . Any other thoughts?

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