Tip for non-robotic farms: tail paint

Tip for non-robotic farms: tail paint

Tip from our trainer Ruben Gregoret, Argentina:

"Yesterday I found in a farm an interesting management tool that I think is worth to share. Of course it's not for robotic farms...
In order to manage the cows that belong to different herds, they tail paint each cow every week with a different color for each herd. With this tool they not only keep the herds well separated but also increase the heat detection in the whole herd".

What do you think of this tool? Please share your thoughts!

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Don Logan

This one style that has been used in the USA for over 20 years. It works very well.

André Franck

In southern Brazil, also used with much success.

sheryl hall

I would think something that you don't have to keep doing so often would work better, like perhaps using a strip of different colors of vet-wrap and apply to mid tail area?

Joep Driessen

Thanks for all your reactions!

sandra vd burg

We do it here in Germany on our farm with 400 cows.
It works very well!

Mel Eden

Tip from New Zealand manufacturer, start with red 3 weeks after calving then switch to green before and blue after insemination. (Tail paint staying red suggests one should call the vet as the cow is not cycling. Blue getting rubbed means cow not holding). Tail paint is,applied in 15 cm strip along,spine starting from tail.

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