Tip Feeding Signals: never leave an empty (spot) on the feeding table

Watch the video: cows need 24 hours feed. Mix before you clean!

What's is your tip for a good feeding program? Please share your tips below.

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Quality food is a pledge of appetite.


All your articles are of top and positive information and practical content
The problem with Irish farmers in particular northern Irish they don't take good practice and a wealth of experience on to their cows..Every day I witness so much bad practice and total ignorance towards dairy cows, cows should Have a happy life without stress and free from pain..Cow comfort doesn't happen in Ireland,having to walk long distances on hard roads with bad feet and humped backs and lameness they say it's normal..welfare in my opinion is paramount cow comfort should be next to none...why I ask are they in the dairy business in the first place..cows need to be happy and stress free to give good milk..just incase anyone thinks I'm a soppy cow..I'm fully trained in cattle management with animal science...I have many years experience and always updating my skills....I'd like to see dairy cows take priority first and foremost and not to be a cash machines..Have proper trained staff,clean milkers and have good eye for stock...no shouting and using sticks,or rushing cows with full udders at anytime...I see this far to frequent ...I will draw to a close,but you can tell how passionate I am...

Joep Driessen

Hi Helena,
Thanks for your comment, it's good to see how passionate you are! We really need people who care to help make changes.
We recognize your story. One of our challenges is the get the right information to the farmer, but the other challenge is to motivate people to change!
We found that by organizing workshops with farmers together, we get the best results. While farmers don't always want to listen to advisors, they are inclined to listen to each other more.
The good news is that we just had a group of people from Ireland over, who now very motivated CowSignals trainers. Might be interesting to contact one near you and see if there's something you could do together?

You can find the trainers here: https://www.cowsignals.com/trainers/

Good luck! We'll keep on trying with you!

Kind regards,


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